File Description Size Version
Phenix 9 - Demo version Phenix Demo version, this version is limited by 50 bills and bonds 274 MB 9
Remote Support This program brings the possibility to provide remote technical support by our support staff 3.96 MB 8
HL Driver This driver is necessary to ensure that the protection key properly work 18.2 MB 7.61
Sentinel Driver This is the driver of the old protection keys that has used by Phenix in old versions 6.87 MB 7.6.6
Phenix Inventory Help end user to generate inventory bill using android mobile devices 2.5 MB 1.1
File Description Size Version
Phenix 9 update Phenix update with all available packages 200.45 MB
Waiter update Last update for Waiter 6.97 MB
Waiter Web Version Last update for Waiter web version 8.72 MB 1.3
Emenu Last update for Emenu 6 MB 1
Salesman Software This software is designed to run on Windows 10 Tablets, to manage portable salesman activities 7.57 MB
Phenix printer server This software serve in connecting Phenix with all printers on the Lan network 6.33 MB